To empower learners for work in Industry 4.0 by leveraging on equity


  • To incorporate 21st Century Competencies through STEAM Education
  • To redefine education using the DDMT framework by collaborating with global institutions
  • To bridge the gap between schools and the education industry by partnering with businesses

With technology disrupting and transforming jobs across industries, 80% of repetitive tasks like data collection is predicted to be replaced by artificial intelligence (AI) by 2030. (Gartner, 2019) This will result in a growing demand for workers who are versatile, creative and possess agile social skills. STEAM education will develop confident and resilient learners who will meet the demands of a fast-changing global economy.

Learn more how Tsing Hua STEAM school differs from other STEM/STEAM schools:

Our Team

Turner Lam

Turner founded Edu-Aequitas to bridge the gap between academic and business world through certification of 21st Century Skills. He lectures at National Tsing Hua University and heads International Collaboration where he explores collaboration opportunities with academic and business institutions worldwide.

Andrea Lim

Andrea graduated with an MBA from Hult International Business School in MA, USA and has experience in strategy and business development in healthcare. A firm believer in lifelong learning, she joined the education industry to deliver meaningful impact in the lives of others.

Laura Ku

Laura graduated from National Hsinchu University of Education with a specialization in elementary education. A passionate educator resolved to raise the quality of ‘Teaching and Learning’, she travels extensively within the different provinces of Taiwan to share her curriculum expertise and knowledge.